Lost your Windows password? Don’t panic

Imagine you have a presentation/meeting to your business associates! Lost your Windows password? Don’t panic, the world is not coming to an end.

The Windows log-on password is one of the most important passwords we have memorized and if you’ve lost this password, the entire world can seem just out of reach.

Its recommended that you set a strong password that is away from your names, your friends, birthday or child among others.

The irony in creating super tough passwords is that they’re easy to forget, or if you scribbled one down somewhere and then loose the paper or it’s been digitally erased, you’re back to square one. Or even minus square one if it was the password to your computer. But all is not lost, it is possible to retrieve your password or even circumvent the requirement

Many technicians will advice you to create a password reset disk , or using hidden account named Administrator, or using command line, which is ok but too troublesome.

We at icttel Uganda we have a solution for you. We help you reset your computer without loosing any data and compromising with your personally identifiable information. Kindly contact us for a solution through the details bellow;

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