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Rescue Phone after exposure to water

Rescue Phone after exposure to water

1. Make sure the device is switched off and remove the battery (if possible)

Remove the battery as soon as possible and don’t try to switch the device on either. This will protect the electronic parts from any more damage. For instance, contacts may short circuit from any moisture still in the device.

2. Try to remove as many other parts as you can

These include the keypad, back cover, sim card, SD card etc. Use a tiny screwdriver if you want to remove anything that’s firmly attached, but make sure you’ll still be able to put it all back together again – just separate the easy bits if you’re not confident!

3. If dropped in a sticky or dirty liquid…

Rinse your device under clean, preferably filtered water – but only if you can remove your battery.

4. Dry ALL the parts

You can then get a  paper towels or cotton  and start the process of carefully drying everything, making sure you really get into all the nooks, crannies and recesses that may contain moisture.

5. Ricely does it

Next, you can speed up the drying process by putting all your loose bits, along with the device itself, and submerge them in a ‘dessicant’ – i.e. water-absorbing – material.

Uncooked rice is the most commonly recommended material here, but Benzine or silica gel packets from old shoe boxes also works well. Interestingly enough, though, the best substance in our experience is cat litter! Just make sure it’s fresh cat litter.

Alternatively, you can also buy special bags that have a desiccant material inside that you seal the device in, and are specially designed to extract the moisture from the device. You can get these online.

6. Finally, put the whole thing in a warm, dry place and leave it for 24 – 48 hours

The best place is in an airing cupboard – but nowhere too warm. When you come back, reassemble all the parts, cross your fingers and press ‘on’. If it works, then congratulations: you’re back in business! If not, then you can at least assure yourself that you’ve given it your best shot. Unfortunately, water damaged phones often end up beyond rescue and written off completely.

Lastly if all fails please consult a technician for help,

Good luck

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