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Mobile Devices Security Risks and a Surprising Challenge

The threat and attack vectors for mobile devices are largely composed of retargeted versions of attacks aimed at other endpoint devices. These risks can be categorized into five areas. 1. Physical access Mobile devices are small, easily portable and extremely lightweight. While their diminutive size makes them ideal travel companions, it also makes them easy…
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Troubleshooting PC problems

Whether you’re using desktop computer or potable device like laptop, troubleshooting PC problems is a part of everyday life. Before you plan a support call to IctTel Uganda, though, try it yourself at home.  Follow me as we go through some of the the most common problems and how you can do it yourself. First…
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Rescue Phone after exposure to water

1. Make sure the device is switched off and remove the battery (if possible) Remove the battery as soon as possible and don’t try to switch the device on either. This will protect the electronic parts from any more damage. For instance, contacts may short circuit from any moisture still in the device. 2. Try…
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